Welcome to DebtMagicians

DebtMagicians was created specifically for businesses with delinquent Consumer accounts. DebtMagicians is available to Creditors at NO cost. The Debtor pays our fee when a settlement is negotiated.

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This could be the perfect way to transform a delinquent Debtor into a paid account.

  • A Debtor can make a proposal to settle their debt by offering to pay a lesser amount than their outstanding balance.
  • DebtMagicians (DM) uses our proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine to negotiate an acceptable settlement.
  • The Creditor can establish minimum acceptance criteria for groups of similar accounts.
  • DM has Extensive reporting and tracking of payments and debts.
  • DM is compatible with virtually all accounting software.
  • DM is available in multiple languages.
  • A Debtor is automatically sent alerts for upcoming scheduled payments.
  • The Debtor can choose to make a single payment or setup a payment installment plan to discharge their debt.
  • Payments can be made using either an eCheck or a credit/debit card and the Debtor pays ALL fees. The Creditor has NO debt settlement cost!.
  • A Debtor can ‘crowdfund’ their debt settlement by appealing to friends and family for assistance.
  • DM will generate a DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) alert if a Debtor’s settlement proposal does not appear to be affordable.